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Frequently-Asked Questions About Tattoo and Piercing Care

Are Tattoos painful?

Pricking of body with a needle is painful, though the intensity of pain would vary in accordance to the level of tolerance that you have for pain. For some people it is not painful at all, whereas others jump at the time of getting the tattoos. But realistically speaking if getting a tattoo made was that difficult then one wouldn’t see so many people getting them done...Isn’t it?

What is the right age of getting a tattoo done?

Though, usually youngsters are considered to be trendier, however it is always advisable to wait till 18 years of age to be tattooed. In some countries it is illegal to get yourself tattooed under the age of 18 years and you have to show a valid ID proof to do so.

What does the ‘After Care’ of tattoos entail?

Once you have decided to get a tattoo made from us, we will give you an after care instruction sheet that needs to be read in a very detailed manner so that you are very clear with the instructions. This is very important as new tattoos are like open wounds that need proper care and instructions. Failure to do so can make them more susceptible to infections.

New tattoo therefore requires proper care and cleaning so as to aid the process of healing. Healing of tattoo is a highly individualistic experience; as it varies from person to person and also where the tattoo has been placed. However there is a general pattern that it follows. The specifics of individual tattoo healing process vary in accordance to the person’s skin. Though we give you a printed sheet of instructions, however we highly recommend that in case of any doubts you should revert back to us for clarifications; as these instructions vary from each tattoo artist and we know our clients the best. Even before going to a doctor it is better to check with us first, as many times doctors recommend medicines that are not really essential in the healing process and may even hinder or delay healing. Therefore it is imperative to take us into confidence as we deal with the ins and outs of tattooing and we are very much familiar with the correct process of healing of tattoo. In addition to this the following ‘After Care’ instructions should be taken into account:

  • As per our instructions, keep the tattoo bandaged for at least 15-20 minutes, and at the time of removal it has to be removed very carefully so as to avoid any further damage. Leaving the skin open helps it to breathe and thereby healing faster
  • Make sure you touch the tattoo with clean hands only, and use cold water to rinse the tattoo. It should not be rubbed and should only be patted dry
  • Use medicated cream as instructed by us
  • The skin should be exposed to air without direct exposure to sun. This aids the process of healing.
  • Wear loose clothing over tattoo so that there is least amount t of rubbing as that may hamper with the tattoo healing process.
  • Try not to pick the flakes of the tattoo, as it may lead to pulling out of colour from the tattoo.

Why does the peeling and flaking of tattoo take place?

Flaking and Peeling of the tattoo is a perfectly normal process of the healing of a tattoo. However it is always advisable to not prick and scratch the area around your tattoo. This can peel away more than what would come off naturally. In order to speed up the healing process it is advisable to keep the tattoo moisturised in order to prevent the flakiness.

Is it okay to get a tattoo done when I am sick?

No, it is not advisable to do so, as with sickness the immunity of the body is very low, therefore it would extend the healing process making it take longer for the body to heal properly.

Can I get a design of my choice?

Yes, we do provide customized designing facility too. All you have to do is get a picture or a tracing of the design that you want for yourself and we try our best to get you the exact similar design for your tattoo.

Are there any precautions that I need to take before I get tattooed?

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind. First of all you should avoid having any alcoholic drinks at least 24 hours prior to getting your tattoo done. Ensure that you have a good night’s sleep too. And as a precaution you should carry some sugar drinks or chocolate with you just in case you feel low.

How should I take care of my tattoo?

Once the tattoo has been done, it is very important to take good care of it to speed up the process of healing. On the very first day after the tattoo has been made you should wash off the tattoo with antibacterial soap or lather of soap and water. This cleaning process can be carried out at the time of taking shower, as you should avoid getting the tattoo wet again and again. While cleaning it has to be ensured that you use just your fingers for cleaning and do not scrub the tattoo or use a wash cloth to clean. You DO NOT HAVE TO RUB the tattoo; instead just pat it. After it has been cleaned it can be dried by patting it with a paper towel or a clean dry tissue, and should be left as is to dry for 20-30 minutes. After this the recommended cream or oil can be applied to keep the area moisturised. Oil or cream has to be continuously applied for a period of minimum two months; as that is the time that is required for the healing of the tattoo.

What are the things to be avoided for some time after I get tattooed?

At least for 2 weeks’ time it is best to avoid the following:

  • Scratching your tattoo
  • Swimming
  • Using sun beds
  • Applying tanning solutions or any other form of chemicals to that area
  • Use any other cream besides the one that has been mentioned by us.

It has to be borne in mind that in case you fail to do so, then it can lead to infections, peeling off colours or staining and scabbing of the tattoo. We just want that the very fact that you have gone through the pain of getting a tattoo made on yourself then you should try and maintain it so that it is able to keep up to your expectations

Are the materials used in making of a tattoo safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe. You do not have to worry about the inks and the colours that we use, as they pass all standards of quality. Coming to our studio you can be assured about all the things as YOUR HEALTH IS AS IMPORTANT FOR US AS IT IS FOR YOU!

Is it possible for you to touch up an old tattoo or cover it up completely?

Yes, we can do this, but the amount of cover-up that we achieve in this depends on the condition of the old tattoo that you have. In order to achieve perfection we need certain amount of flexibility and faith in us so that we are able to achieve the desired results to perfection. It is always better to help us evaluate your case before we indulge in anything.

Is it okay to be in the sun with a tattoo, considering the heat that we have in India?

As soon as one gets a tattoo done, it is best to avoid sun exposure, as the skin in very fragile as the protective epidermis layer is scraped off while doing the tattoo. Therefore; it is best to avoid direct sun exposure as sun burns on the skin can cause them more harm. In order to have the least amount of damage; wear light colored clothes and a dry bandage; which has to be removed as soon as you are away from the sun. This enables the skin to breathe; and thereby heal faster

It is suggested that a sun block has to be used on a tattoo, but what kind of Sun block is good on a tattoo?

Anything that is non greasy and weightless; would be excellent for your tattoo. In that respect Neutrogena Sun Block; or any other brand complying with these criteria would be good for your tattoo.

Are there any health impediments in regards with the tattoo....I mean how do you guys sterilize the needles and other instruments that you use for tattoos?

While getting you tattooed from us, it is entirely safe as we USE NEW NEEDLES EVERYTIME. We also follow the Autoclaving method where the pen handles and the tubes that are used to hold the needles are scrubbed free of loose ink. With the new needles, there is again no health impediment and also the fact that they offer better penetration power with theses. Therefore the tattoos pain less at the time of incisions. In addition to this the Autoclave is also Spore tested by us; this ensures that the bacterium in the machine is being killed more effectively. Therefore you can be assured of Safe tattoo from our side.

What body part hurts the most while getting a tattoo?

As a rule, the body parts that have a lot of muscles in them hurt the least as they would absorb the needle better thereby hurting less. In that respects Arms hurt the least. Areas with high nerve concentration like inner thighs, ankles, areas over the bone, and areas around ribcage hurt more as in comparison to the rest of the body. Therefore in case you are filled with apprehensions about your tattoos then it is best to stick to getting them done on your arms and legs. However, we personally feel that it is best to get your tattoo done at places where you want them, as pain is only temporary and the pleasure of having a tattoo at your favourite spot is immense and something you are going to live with always!

What hurts more, a black tattoo or a tattoo filled with colours?

Realistically speaking if you are getting a coloured tattoo made with black outlines then making the outline hurts the most as outline needle goes in deeper as in comparison to the coloured needle. The black needle is pointed and the coloured needle is more like a brush, thereby making colouring seem easier on the body.

Will it help to alleviate pain in case I get drunk?

It is a big mistake to think that getting drunk before getting a tattoo would reduce the pain. Blood vessels get dilated by drinking; implying that you would bleed more profusely at the time of tattooing. This would further imply that it would be even more difficult to have ink spread evenly on the tattoo. Moreover with drinking one loses control over their body, making it all the more difficult for us to etch on a fidgety body.

Do tattoos look good on dark coloured Indian skin?

Tattooing on all kinds of skin tone is a challenge that we take. Coming to our studio we ensure that you would be happy with the results and there would be no doubts in your mind at all. Our artists have enough work experience by which they can easily ensure that you get teh best possible results and best possible colours of the tattoo that stnd out on all kinds of skin tones.