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Tattoo Training:

It requires so much more than just buying a kit and trying it on a friend’s arm. At our studio we conduct professional tattoo training classes which help you to evolve into a professional tattoo designing artist.

Tattoo Training provided by us in our studio is based on the skills that we see in you as an artist. We believe that tattoo is not just an ability to draw; it is a careful assimilation of your artistic skills coupled with your careful handling of the tattoo gun. At our studio we proceed with an approach that there is no second chance, therefore the artists trained here should be so perfect that they are able to carefully balance the two to deliver the best results. Our vicinity has the most professional and qualified instructors that help you to achieve and deliver the finest. We provide you with proper credentials that help you to get trained in the art of tattooing. We not only train you in the nuances of tattooing, rather we also provide you with practical experience that helps you to polish your skills as tattoo artist, thus helping you to evolve as an artist and also to gain hands on experience in the art of tattooing. Our intensive training curriculum is programmed to develop the artist in you. Along with this we also help in developing character, focus and stamina in our artists. Therefore tattoo training in our vicinity is an experience that you would value for your life time and would also be able to reap the benefits of the same. Our curriculum teaches you the art techniques, sterilization and after care details of tattooing. The construction, care and adjustment of the tattoo guns, outlining and shading techniques of the tattoos, color mixing techniques and lastly the study of facial features for enabling you to do cosmetic tattoos. Our course extensively covers all the attributes of the tattoos and it is therefore a well rounded program that we offer here. This course not only chisels your expertise as an artist, rather it helps you to imbibe the best skills.