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Tattoo Training:

“Guys, Thank you very much for the great artistic endeavours. You guys are simply great; I can’t imagine how happy I am to see my tattoo... I have wanted to have one for so many years, but didn’t have the courage to get it done, fearing health concerns. But coming to your studio I was amazed by the professional approach and amazing results that you have delivered”. ....... Aditi: Media Person

“ Highly professional people with a very organized approach...excellent results”.......Prerna, College Student

“Thank you Gupt Ram for the excellent tattoo that you have created for me. It was great to be in India, and visit your tattoo studio. Your superb level of services with excellent care and attention was definitely commendable and we are both coming again for another tattoo when we visit India again...Thanks a million!”..... Jeremy and Angela from New York

“The Henna tattoo done by your studio is definitely the best gifts that I am taking from here to Canada. I am sure my colleagues are going to love it and envy it at the same time!”......Ron Tadgell from New Brunswick

“This 3D Studio has produced the best cosmetic tattoo eyeliners. It is definitely a commendable and novel idea. I have seen the results for myself and they are just GREAT!” ....Vandana Kohli, Cosmetic artist